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Water Resistant Airbrushed Tattoos & Face Painting

Airbrush tattoos and face painting are applied using stencils and a semi-permanent body ink.
With the proper care your tattoo will last up to a week! Removal is safe and easy too.

Great as an add on for pool parties or those hot, humid summer days. Get your coolest look, too!

Creeper Arm Tattoo
Puppy Dog Airbrushed Face mask
Band Aid realistic temp tattoo
Rocket temporary tattoo
"Rock Star" Airbrushed Face mask
Samurai realistic temporary tattoo
Hummingbird realistic temporary tatt
Techno Skull realistic temp tattoo
Bluebird realistic temporary tattoo
Kitty Cat temporary tattoo
Tattoo application
Eyeball temporary tattoo
Skull and Crossbones realistic tatt
Tribal Cancer Zodiac realistic tatt
Flames temporary tattoo
Foil jewelry tattoos
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