Ziva shimmer is a great shade of blue for fairies and mermaids. Superstar Aqua Face & Body Paints offer a line of vibrant and creamy water based makeup, featuring the largest selection of highly pigmented colors in the industry. 
Superstar Face paints are used all over the world by professional face painters and body artist. Superstar paints are similar to Kryolan Aquacolor and Paradise AQ in consistency; they are creamy and blend very well, yet they dry quickly. 

All Superstar Products are made in the Netherlands. No perfume added.

Ziva Shimmer - 45gr Superstar Face Paints #220

SKU: 220-45
  • Superstar paints are applied using a damp brush or sponge. When using a brush, dip the bristles in water and than apply to the paint, lather the bristles in a back and forth motion until you reach creamy consistency, then paint on the skin.
    For sponging, it is best to spray a small amount of water on the sponge and than rub it on the paint in a circular motion. Once the sponge is loaded, you can dab it on the skin until you reach the desired coverage. Superstar paints are very soft (similar to foundation beauty makeup) and do not need a lot of water to activate.